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Special Charities:

Camp Quality, Michigan

Crisp Point Lighthouse

Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center


My Favorite Photographers:


Kristen D Collett Photography, I briefly met Kristen during my Artist-In-Residence at Bighorn Canyon NRA October of 2015.  Kristen's passion for Photography is driven by her love for the Wild Mustangs of the Pryor Mountains.  She can be found most weekends, even in the winter, spending time on Pryor Mountain with the Mustangs.  Her compassion for and personal relationship with the horses is reflected in her images.


Winnie Chrzanowski, Fine Art America and The Water Closet Werks; Winnie enjoys colors, textures, and shapes, and incorporates those facets of her world in her photography.  She photographs subjects from different perspectives or in small bits and pieces because she likes how taking away the recognizable aspect of an object gives it an entirely different look and feel.


Ian Dalton Photography; Ian has had the passion for photography for over 10 years.  His goal is to capture light and tell a story  whether he's presenting a piece of fine art, taking pictures of an adorable child, or capturing the love between two people at a wedding. Light is his medium and his camera is his tool. Ian has fun telling stories with his photography and exploring the world we live in, taking pictures of babies is all about acting goofy to get that genuine giggle or treading softly to capture their sleep, and weddings are about seeing the joy amidst the stress.


Camera Manufacturers:



Websites of Interest:

Sunrise/Sunset Charts

Full Moon Charts


Favorite Photography Locations:

Fairy Doors ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan

Heidelberg Project - Detroit, Michigan

Hocking Hills ~ Logan, Ohio

Howell Nature Center ~ Howell, Michigan

Lighthouses ~ Michigan (Map)

Lighthouses ~ Ohio (Map)

Waterfalls ~ Michigan (Map)

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Supai Village ~ Supai, Arizona 






Shelby Township Photographer


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